APITS    This is APITS Apits

volume i    A Place In The Sun
ep recorded quickly while working on edge of chaos. not good. audacity bullshit

Archive 1    A Place In The Sun
archival of a few years of electronic-experimentation-stuff. chillin in the crib, doing home work, fiddling with melodies and
pianos, releasing just about everything. also not good

Edge Of Chaos    A Place In The Sun
drones & drugs & sex & tape loops & audacity. shot a lot higher than i could reach. gave up halfway thru and released what i
had. decent but not worth revisiting

Archive 1.5    A Place In The Sun
things i forgot to put on Archive 1 release. in the time i learned how to properly export audio

easter    a place in the sun
dumb little melodies with a bit more care than Archive 1 (for better or for worse)

melodies stretched further. time signatures left implied. bordering minimal synth at times. goofy

melody wrought to the limits of its definition. immersed in minimal synthesis. a drone of post-midi sounds

ofstsld    A Place In The Sun
makes Edge Of Chaos look like a baby bitch. burned in flames. made by no one. concrete music prison

太陽の中に置く    A Place in the Sun
easy listening lounge trashwave. generic ambience if you're into that sorta thing. not good

Volume II    A Place in the Sun
ambience of the prior ep with a lack of humanity. schizotypy of disordinated melodies and lush minimalism.
reappropriated for a video game

Cool Place    a place in the sun
"meme" and "irony" of Archive 1 without the genuine intent. "comedy" possibly. unfunny and ungood.
recorded live in a voice room

The Granger Sessions    A Place in the Sun + Granger Marty
Cool Place but a bit better executed. some alright faux-freefolk and a couple standouts
recorded live in a hallway with Granger Marty

Archive 2    A Place in the Sun
by including the "1" in the first Archive, i unintentionally implied that there would be more archives
to come. double the track count, quadruple the average track length. a true archival of all of my ideas
as an artist to that point. thoroughly "good" the whole way through, though some parts definitely feel
"better". there will be another archive to come, but dont expect it soon.